10 Ways Of Keeping Kids Entertained While Travelling

Kids can be very unpredictable when it comes to travelling so knowing how best to keep them entertained and having the right tools on hand can be your key to a great flight!

Children are often thought to be a nightmare when it comes to travelling, especially when on planes, but that need not be the case. A lot of the time the problem is simply that your child is not stimulated enough, put simply, they are bored.

After all, you have music, tv, maybe even a book, why shouldn’t they have some entertainment too? But what is the best way to keep kids entertained? Here we will tell you 10 ways of keeping kids entertained while travelling.

A comfy travel pillow

One of the best ways to make it through your journey without any fuss is to time their nap perfectly. However, making sure that they are comfy is key! Purchase a child’s travel pillow with their favorite character on to help them sleep soundly.

Interactive books

If your little one has a bit more energy then try to distract them using interactive books with pop-ups and sensory elements. This is a great option if they are still too young to read.

Story books

If your child is old enough to read then take this time to continue their education and read a story book, either together or let them read alone. However, remember to be mindful of people around you if in a public space.

Sticker books

Sticker books are great for entertaining kids by themselves, especially if you are on a long car journey as if requires no adult supervision. You can let their imagination run free and choose the story that suits their personality. 

Coloring books

If you are travelling by train then a coloring book is a great option as a child can easily spend hours coloring in cute little drawings, and you even get something to hang on the fridge when they are done. Remember that coloring pencils may be a better idea than felt tip pens or markers!


Again, if you are travelling by train or have access to a table on your journey then puzzles are another good option for a longer source of entertainment. Alternatively, you can get puzzle books which include mazes and other brain teasers to help your child develop their mental skills. 

Word search

Children love word searches and these books always come packed with so many for them to choose from, there are endless hours of fun to be had here. Remember to choose a book that is age-appropriate so that it is not too difficult and they don’t lose hope.

Educational tools

If your child has any homework that they haven’t finished, or they are struggling with any particular subject in school then travel time can be a great moment to help them catch up. You can spend quality time together and help them in the long run. There are plenty of educational tools online to help your child in any area of school. 

I spy

One of the most classic games out there, I spy can be played for hours and requires no additional tools. Simply pick an object tell your partner “I spy with my little eye something beginning with the letter….” and let them guess! 

Not only will this help with your child’s observational skills but it is simply great fun!


Just like adults love to listen to music to relax when travelling so do kids! Nowadays you can find playlists of age-appropriate music for them to listen to and enjoy.