11 Reasons to Read a Bedtime Storey Every Night

Bedtime storeys are the stuff of childhood. It makes for a useful tool in helping them calm down and relax. However, there is a host of other benefits that children get from others reading them a storey prior to shut-eye.

The main 11 reasons to read a bedtime storey every night are for things like language development, building vocabulary, cognitive development, fostering imagination, learning valuable lessons and discussion/conversation skills, among a host of others. But not least of these is spending quality time with the child.

1. Language Development

Listening to you annunciate and pronounce words properly will contribute to a child’s ability to command language. Bedtime storeys are a useful device in this regard. This is because they not only learn words, but also the context in how to use those words.

2. Building Vocabulary

Reading a wide range of books that cover varying topics and subjects will present a world of words to your child. In turn, their vocabulary will increase exponentially.

3. Cognitive Development

Storylines in books force adults and children alike, to use their ability for cognitive thought. This is essential in order to understand what’s happening in the text. However, such brainwork extends to other areas of life such as is the case with social situations.

4. Fostering Imagination

Fairytales and fiction storeys can help foster and expand upon a child’s imagination. The descriptions and surrealism will allow the child to visualise scenes and concepts in their minds. This is the foundation for artistic pursuits such as writing, music and dance.

5. Learning Valuable Lessons

Fables, proverbs and storeys that provide a lesson is an excellent thing to read right before bedtime. It will allow the child to meditate on the events that unfolded. This will not only help lull them to sleep, but it will provide a basis for the child to have sound principals and morals.

6. Discussion/Conversation Skills

Because their vocabulary will build with every new book you read, children will be able to communicate better. They will know which words to use to convey what they need and what they think.

7. Understanding Empathy

Many storeys have characters that experience hardship or tragedy in some way. Indeed, it is the condition of any person’s life. Therefore, reading storeys about other people who live differently from your family will help your child to understand empathy, compassion and kindness.

8. Foundation for Problem-Solving Skills

Bedtime storeys wouldn’t be such without some sort of synthesis at the end. Reading books where the main protagonist wins regardless of adversity or succeeds after struggle will inspire children to solve problems as they arise.

9. Memory Recall

Reading or listening to a storey before bed will help children recall information. This is also true for teenagers and adults. In fact, many colleges recommend studying before bed to increase information retention.

10. Encouraging Peaceful Dreams

When your little one often has nightmares, it’s a good idaea to read them peaceful bedtime storeys with happy endings. There is much scientific research on how what we experience, see and hear before going to sleep influences our journey through dreamland. This is especially true for children.

11. Spending Quality Time

Bedtime is an invaluable moment to spend quality time together. You can get to know your child and who they are as a person by how they react to the storey overall. Plus, it’s the stuff that builds lifetime memories, for you and your children. Even when your children learn to read, you should still read to them for spending quality time.