Brilliant Books For Toddlers

Listen & Look: Jungle Sound Book

Enticing and engaging is the key (and getting them sitting still for 5 minutes!)

There are a multitude of books suitable for toddlers, from funny to noisy, touch and feel to pull the tabs and let’s not forget traditional story books, all designed to engage a toddler’s mind. We all know how hard it is to get a little one sitting still and be focused on one thing for more than a few minutes at a time, before they are up and off discovering the next thing across the other side of the room. My eldest loved books from a very early age, any book with an interactive element he would happily sit independently and discover what’s inside or delight in finding things on each page as I called them out, but the youngest… well it’s a work in progress and I have to be a bit more selective in the books we choose to get him to fully engage.

Here are a few favourites that are a hit with the little ones, (even the most reluctant readers)

Interactive toddler book1.Pops for Tots – Pets

I love this one, each page has a pop-up surprise that moves as you turn the pages from a tail that wags to a bird that flaps. Little ones will love the colourful moving pictures showing each cute pet. Amazing quality that will soon become a favourite book.


interactive Toddler books2.Listen & Look – Jungle

One that has a bit of everything, whether your child loves the sounds to press, the fun of finding things on each page or the novelty of wipe clean fun it’s a sure winner. Fantastically fun but with many learning opportunities, looking for colours, listening and matching the animal noises, circling the biggest or smallest – I could go on, it is excellent.


Interactive toddler books3.Slide and Match – Colours

Beautiful book with colour themed pages to get them to match with the abacus style slider along the top, little ones will love being involved with moving the counters along as you go. Great for identifying and recognising objects and things around us as well.


books for toddlers
4.Animal Stories – 5 Minute Tales

Book treasuries and collections like this one are perfect for an afternoon or bedtime story, a new one for every day of the week. This book has wonderfully written short stories that are super easy for toddlers to follow with the colourful entertaining pictures throughout. Our favourite was The Goat Detectives.


books for toddlers5.Bobby Knows Best Picture Book

Picture books for toddlers are a wonderful way to teach children about the world around us, especially this one with a lovely life message any child can relate to. Beautiful illustrations bring the story to life and encourages their visual development as well as keeping them engaged.

Books For Fun

Party Panda Hand Puppet Fun Book

Guaranteed Giggles (for them and for you)

Back to school, back in the routine? Well perhaps not as we were used to or would like it to be but looking on the bright side we have some fantastic books and interactive toys which will delight your young ones and for a while take their minds off the school routine and provide you and them with some fun and laughs!

Here are just a couple of our favourite’s that we have picked out –


Shark Hand Puppet Fun Book1.Party Panda or Shark Hand Puppet Book

Everyone enjoys a good puppet show and our Panda and Shark story books allow your child (or you for that matter) to enact the story whist reading along. With the soft hand puppet that appears through every page it will not be long before your doing the theme from Jaws or a little baby shark whist playing with the Shark puppet. Even after we had finished the book my children had great fun using the puppet to make up there own little stories. 



Fun Book2.Wheels On Bus Track Book

We challenge any Dad to resist playing with the toy and singing along to “The Wheels on the Bus go round and round” with our fantastic book with a built-in track. Guaranteed hours of fun, wind up the little toy bus and watch as it whizzes around the fold out track, sing along to the classic nursery rhyme with the pictures in the book.


These track books are perfect for taking out and about, it has a dual purpose with the toy element included, super sturdy to with stand hours of play and my little ones love them, in this series we have also available –


Fun BookMy Little Race Car Track Book

Follow the race car starting in toy town, feeling slow through Candyland, and sliding around Ice Kingdom before zooming over the finish line in Rainbow Land.

Busy Little Boat Track BookFun Book

follow the little boat as he bravely recuses Lola Lifeboat from the rocks with a little help from all his friends.


What Have We Been Up To….

(Wouldn’t you like to know)

It’s been a very busy start and our first two months have flown by. So what have we
been doing behind the scenes?? Here is an insight to what we have been up to…


1.New additions …

We have been busy hunting for fantastic new stock lines to add to our website. Coming soon we have beautiful story and treasury books, a wonderful range of interactive board books like lift-the-flaps, sound books, pop ups as well as brilliant activity books to add to our growing range. Keep your eye peeled for our new additions including this stunning Bedtime treasury.

2.Getting Social….

No we don’t mean we have been having lunch’s and child free drinks, we have been keeping our Facebook and Instagram followers in the know with a selection of hot picks, wonderful quotes and unmissable competitions.



3.Road Testing Our Products …

It’s really important to us that our products are exactly what you, the customer, is expecting (if not better than expecting) when you order. Having lots of young nieces, nephews and friends with children of all ages and interests it’s a no brainier to use them to road test our products. Guess what, of all the products tested so far … THEY LOVE THEM



4.Customer service…

We are very happy to have received lots of customer orders and have had some fantastic feedback. This is our favourite part! We love hearing wonderful comments like this one –

“Very pleased with the ease of ordering. Product top quality and delivery very prompt. I can’t fault the service provided. Thank you all very much.”

Of course positive feedback is what we want but as a new company we welcome all feedback and queries to ensure our customers are happy and any issues can be resolved quickly to order to be the best we can be.