Perfect Gifts for Children

What do they want?… (What don’t they want!)

Looking for a meaningful, practical yet enjoyable gift for a baby, toddler, or child? Books make fantastic gifts, they are great for development and learning, they can inspire little minds and they tend to last much longer than many other gifts that can become outgrown too quickly. Books are adaptable, educational, inspirational and increase creativity.

We have a variety of books that make wonderful gifts, here are our suggestions –

Animals Board Books Tower1. Best for Babies 

Little hands need little books with board or soft pages, making them easy to turn the pages. Bold colours that capture their interest, sensory elements such as textures and sounds, simple images that are recognizable work well, babies will love looking at the pages from an early age and they will grow with them through to being a toddler and learning first words. Animals Board Books Tower makes a wonderful gift for a little one.




Toddler Stories2. Top Pick for Toddlers

Super stories that capture imagination and help little ones to understand concepts of life are a brilliant choice for toddlers. Many story books focus on life lessons and morals through relatable characters that help to grow understanding. Toddlers are the perfect age for a cosy story time or bedtime story, which is also great for routine and bonding. Our hardback treasury’s make beautiful gifts that can have pride of place on a bookshelf, like our Stories for 2-year old’s.




Awesome Mythical Creatures Scratch Art - Spiral Bound3. Creative Kids

Creativity in children is something to be encouraged, enhancing their imaginations, character, independence, and confidence. Weather they love painting unique designs to express themselves or following instructions to make a masterpiece, all kids love to explore their creative side whilst of course learning. Check out our range of Colouring and Painting Books and find creative activities just like our Scratch Art books make beautiful gifts and offer something a little different like this one, Awesome Mythical Creatures Scratch Art.



4. Interests

No matter what a child is into there is a book for it! Be it bugs, dinosaurs, fairies, space, pets, princesses, our bodies… anything, get them something that the love to read and learn about! Do they love to learn obscure facts? Are they intrigued by how things are made? Or are they fascinated by fairies? From fact books to themed colouring, sticker or scratch art we have so much variety at Over The Rainbow Books. Make This Things that Go is perfect for any little vehicle fanatic.