5 Wonderful Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories to Kids 

More often than not, we forget the true importance and benefits of reading bedtime stories to our kids. Other than being a great way of spending time with your children amidst your busy schedule and developing a bond with them, it also improves their communication, concentration, morals, language, imagination, and ability. 

In this article, we’ll explore 5 such benefits, as well as telling you why you should develop the habit of reading stories to your kids before bed time. 

Improves English language abilities and vocabulary

Studies show that kids who were read to more during their childhood exhibit more understanding of the English language while studying at school. Thus, listening to bed time stories improves a child’s brain function and development, and repetition of those stories enhances your child’s English language learning skills. 

Not only that, it may also improve their vocabulary, grammar, composition, and narration. Familiarizing them with so many form of English literature helps them develop an understanding of the language quicker than other children, helping them adjust easily into the school related syllabus and teachings.

Helps instil morals and lowers stress

Reading bed time stories not only instills a sense of justice and true morals within our kids, but it also teaches them to differentiate between right or wrong in real life situations based on what stories they’ve heard you, as a parent, read to them before bed time. For example, books like You Get What You Get ; You Don’t Get Upset teaches your children resilience and reasoning. 

Not only does this help your children become better citizen who will contribute to the world once they grow up, it builds a good foundation for them to become kinder human beings. Other than that, reading to children, especially before bed time increases their cortisol levels and reduces their stress, diverting their concentration elsewhere from the things bothering them. 

Improves imagination and creative skills

Illustrative books with colorful drawings and other sound effect such as the Cinderella – 10 Sound Story Book help your child imagine the scenarios written down in the books better, as it kick starts their imagination. The sound effects such as swish of the wand and corresponding pictures also helps them imagine the stories in their heads. 

By listening to the stories, visual and auditory effects, your children can recreate the scenarios and stories in their heads without much difficulty, bringing the story to life and helping their creative side get room to grow and thrive. 

Enhances communication skills and expression

Another wonderful benefit of reading bedtime stories to your kids is that it encourages communication, as your kids will always ask questions about the characters, why they do this and that, how did they do that, et cetera. By answering those questions and allowing them to ask more, you’re encouraging healthy conversations, and building trust. 

Allowing your children to express their concerns and queries will make them comfortable with expression, as they’ll now know that it’s okay to ask if they feel curious about something. This enhances their communication, which is an important social skill to have growing up, as it helps you make friends and figure out the dynamics of situations. 

Develops a reading habit in your kids

Reading is a very useful habit, as it not only improves your vocabulary, but in books you find friends you can confide in. Reading storybooks to your children will not only relax them and make them comfortable, but in the future they’ll always associate books with the comfort they felt during their childhood, encouraging them to read more and gain knowledge.