Back to school…

Are they ready for school? (I bet you’re ready to send them back!)

It has been such a long time coming and the holidays haven’t felt much like a holiday at all this year! I am sure I’m not the only parent that feels like my child could do with some extra handwriting, phonics and maths practice at the start of the new term!

Here I have selected my top picks to get them back in the swing of school with that extra (if not last minute) bit of practice…


Bumper Workbook1. Snappy Learners Bumper Workbook

Jam packed with activities that follow the national curriculum this covers all key learning areas. There is a pull-out reward chart with stickers that really encourages progress and builds confidence.



Back to school books2. Write and Wipe Number Fun

Any write and wipe is a winner in my eyes. They are fun with an added novelty element. This one has age appropriate activities that are bright and engaging. With a write and wipe there is endless practice to be had, fantastic for repetition.



Starting School Pack3. Starting School Mega Pad

Whether they are new starters this year or need a bit of revision covering foundation stage learning this pad is excellent. Lots of fun activity pages in a super-sized pad makes learning feel fun!



First Dictionary
4.Young Learners First Picture Dictionary

I am forever sounding out words for spellings but recently I have been encouraging my eldest to look up words for himself. Not only does this encourage independent learning it gives him practice with his reading as well as spelling. This picture dictionary is fantastic for aiding with spelling, meanings, and word recognition.



Phonics Flash Cards5. Flash Cards Phonics

Flash cards are a brilliant learning aid, weather it is words, numbers, shapes, or letters. These Phonics cards are bright and engaging with a pull-out answer element. We use flash cards to make a quick-fire question and answer or a ‘can you find me’ game.