Great Books for 4 Year Olds

Are you looking for Books for 4 Year Olds? 

Age 4 is such a wonderful age for books. Children are only just beginning to learn how to read and take a little more notice in what you’re reading to them. Their imaginations are phenomenal, and they begin to understand a moral behind a story too. I’ve picked out a few of my favourite books for 4 year olds, take a look…


books for 4 years olds1. The Dinosaur’s Incredible Spots

This was a favourite of mine before I even opened a page. It’s bold, bright and has sequins on the front cover! Beautifully illustrated by Gareth Williams, this story book is a great one for getting your children excited about books. It’s interactive, colourful (…and not too long!)



Fun book for 4 year old boys2. Titch The Tiddler

This story by Jill Newton is playfully written with colourful fish and a few life lessons thrown in. Titch is the smallest fish on the reef, who desperately wants to fit in. When he tries to be just like the bigger fish, things don’t quite go to plan.



Animal Fashion Parade Children's Book3. Animal Fashion Parade

I love a rhyming story book, and this fun and bright story is a good one. This enjoyable picture book is all about animals coming together for a fashion parade… and the results are very funny! The quirky illustrations by Julie Clough keep little ones engaged.



Henry's Pirate Surprise - Books for 4 year olds4. Henry’s Pirate Surprise

Henry reminds me of my own little boy; creative and determined. This story encourages imaginative play as you follow Henry’s time playing with a ship in his Uncle’s toy shop. A lovely read!



goat that gloats5. The Goat That Gloats

Another story with a great moral for a four-year-old – all about gloating. This story also gives the perfect opportunity to sing a little rhyme, something which my children usually find hilarious.