Keeping Children Entertained in a Restaurant

Activities for Mealtimes

Visiting a restaurant as a family with children sometimes fills me with dread. I love good food, I love eating out and I love going to nice restaurants. The part that fills me with dread is my occasionally unruly children.

We can’t expect children to enjoy a long mealtime at a restaurant like we do, just chatting away and taking our time. Children need more interaction and their attention spans are usually much shorter. I try my hardest to ban technology from the dinner table at home, so you can only imagine how many activities I have tried and tested when we’re out and about.

Here are a few of my favourite children’s activities for mealtimes:

Activities for Mealtimes

1. Activity Placemats

There isn’t much that will provide more than 10 minutes of entertainment. These placemats are filled with all sorts of different activities: Colouring, spot the difference, mazes, worksheets, tracing – you name it. Plenty to keep them entertained over dinner.

View the LOL Surprise Placemats
View the Fisher Price Placemats 

master spy kit

2. Master Spy Box

Everyone knows that the trick to be a good spy is to be stealthy (…which luckily for us, also means quiet!). Encouraging your 8-year-old to train to become a spy during dinner is a great way to ensure a little quiet time. The kit comes with ID cards, a secret handbook, glasses and blueprints. It also comes with a card game which the whole family can play after dinner. Extra bonus points from me there.

View the Master Spy Box Kit

wipe clean workbooks

3. Wipe Clean Workbooks

For the keen learners – these workbooks can provide endless entertainment. Depending on the age of your children, they contain maths and English activities that can be used over and over again.

View the Wipe Clean Educational Collection (age 4-5)
Wipe Clean and Flashcards Combo (age 5-6) 

Unicorns and Fairy Friends

4. Scratch Art

I have only just discovered scratch art books! Great for the not so neat colourers. Scratch away to reveal colourful foils hidden behind the pictures. These books are jam packed full of activities with 4 pages of scratch art to be revealed.

View the Unicorns & Fairy Friends Scratch Art
View the Fantasia Under The Sea Scratch Art 

Activity Packs5. Branded Activity Packs

Choose your child’s favourite brand and keep them entertained with a full pack of creative activities. Colouring, painting, drawing, stickers, scratch art, puzzles – you name it! Here are a few of my favourite branded packs:

View the LOL Surprise Bumper Collection
View the Gruffalo Bumper Collection
View the Very Hungry Caterpillar Bumper Collection 
View the Trolls World Tour Bumper Collection
View the Enchantimals Bumper Collection 

So, there you have it. 5 simple ways to keep your children entertained whilst out for a family meal – not an iPad in sight. Let us know when you use some of these out – use #overtherainbowbooks to tell us how it goes.