Gigantosaurus: Giganto Collection, 10 Book Set


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The ultimate Gigantosaurus collection for any fan!
A super set of 10 Gigantosaurus books based on the animated TV series and book by Jonny Duddle. This amazing collection has 7 picture story books, a slide-and-seek board book, a colouring & activity book plus a free World Book Day special booklet.
Follow the four little dino friends, Mazu, Rocky, Bill and Tiny as the explore the Cretaceous World, they love going on adventures and navigating their way through the pre-historic world.

Titles included in this set –
Gigantosaurus, By Jonny Duddle – Discover the scary Gigantosaurus that every little dinosaur is warned about.
The Lost Egg – The four young dinosaurs discover a lost egg and try to get it back to it’s herd, learning that its ok to show your softer side.
The Best Day Ever – The little dino’s are feeling gloomy on the shortest day of the year so Tiny promises a big holiday party to cheer everyone up.
The Story of the Gigantosaurus – Meet the characters, discover the Cretaceous World and go hunting for the Gigantosaurus.
Don’t Cave In – The dino’s find themselves trapped inside a dark cave, home to the terrifying Shriekasaurus… will they be able to make it out?
Rock Out Rocky – The plucky little parasaurolophus think’s he is the toughest, strongest dinosaur, but can he go at it alone or will he realise he needs his friends help?
Try Again, Tiny – Meet Tiny the talented little triceratops! She loves to sing, dance and have fun but can she prove herself in the triceratops trial?
Where’s Giganto? – Push the sliders on each page to help them find the fearsome Giganto, a wonderful novelty slide-and-seek board book.
The Roarsome Colouring & Activity Book – Filled with puzzles and games to complete with mazes, spot the difference, colouring and more, plus over 200 stickers included.
Dino-Spot – Deep in the pre-historic past the four little dinosaurs are playing a game of dino-spot, can they find all the dino’s and who can name the most.

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