Over The Rainbow, Picture Book Gift Set


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This beautiful Picture Book gift set includes 5 books, perfect for story time, contains –
Mummy Knows Best – Tommy the Tiger loves to play but learns that you must listen to your mummy
Little Bear Wont Sleep – little bear wants to stay up all night, after going into the forest to see who is awake he sees it’s not that fun after all.
The Goat That Gloats – Goat loves to Gloat, he gloats about his wonderful tower, his fabulous boat and his bubble bath moat but goat would love to find a friend to share all his wonderful things.
Squeak The Lion – Squeak wants to be just like his older brothers, he hates being the baby of the pride. He comes to the rescue with his fast thinking and strength when his brother gets into trouble out hunting.
Penguins Can’t Fly – Quentin and Billy, who have known each other since they were eggs. They are two very different penguins but when Billy is caught in a storm and Quentin learns that penguins can’t fly they discover true friendship

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