Snappy Learner 6-8years Bumper Collection


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Amazing Snappy Learner 6-8years Bumper Collection includes four fantastic workbooks each with activities based on the National Curriculum aimed at ages 6-8years. The collection is perfect for home learning!
Each book focuses on a different topic and has a pull-out reward chart to encourage learning.
The four books included are –
Snappy Learners – Multiplication and Division, using fun visual representations, reference tables and problem solving activities perfect for times tables, multiplication and division practice.
Snappy Learners – Adding and Subtracting, practice sums with fun activities and visual representations, problem solving and identifying missing numbers.
Snappy Learners – Reading and Writing, exploring word groups, punctuation, sentence formation, tense and much more all within fun activities.
Snappy Learners – Spelling, word games and activities to aid spelling, includes word scrambles, missing vowels, plurals, pairs and correcting miss spellings.

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