Travel Hacks for Kids!

Family trips can be very exciting. However, if you don’t plan it right, travelling with small children can be hectic. However, there are things that every parent can do to make travelling with kids a lot more enjoyable. 

If you’re planning a family trip this summer, you’ve come to the right page. Today, we’re going to share some of our top travel hacks for kids. Keep reading to learn what they are.

Keep Them Comfortable

Let’s face it, when it comes to road trips, kids are unbearably impatient. One hour in the backseat of a car feels like an entire afternoon to a child. For this reason, a lot of parents are keen on the idea of their child sleeping for a good portion (if not all) of the drive. 

Luckily, there are many great accessories that you can use if you want your child to drift off to dreamland while you drive. You can make your child’s ride a lot more comfortable with the help of sunscreen to provide them with shade. This will keep the sun out of their eyes so their rest isn’t interrupted.

Your kids will also be able to rest in the car more comfortably with the support of a travel neck pillow for kids. The more comfortable they are, the less you will hear from them.

Make an Activity Basket

This is a great hack that every parent should have in their car. Use a basket, bin, or organizer, that fits safely in your backseat. Fill this basket with travel games, activities, and toys that your kids can use while on the road. This is a great way to keep the entertainment for kids only a reach away.

It can also help you keep all of their activities organized so you don’t have a giant mess to deal with when the drive is over. 

DIY Bed Rail

One of the problems with staying in hotels when you have kids is the bed situation. When you have a small child that’s too big for a crib but too small for a big bed, you don’t have to pack a bed rail. Instead, once you are checked into the hotel, find a store where you can purchase a pool noodle. 

The pool noodle can be placed at the edge of the bed under the fitted sheet. It’s a cheap and easy way to provide safety for your child at night.

Get Free Snacks From the Hotel

Many hotels offer guests a continental breakfast in the morning. While travelling with the family is fun, it can get pretty expensive. Grab an extra box or cup of dry cereal in the morning to take with you. Since most kids love cereal, it’s an easy and free snack for you to give them later in the day.

Some hotels also offer complimentary water bottles, which can come in handy later on as well.

Find Out If Your Hotel Accepts Packages

One of the easiest ways to travel light but still have everything you need is to ship it. Inquire if the hotel (or place you plan to stay at) will accept and hold packages for guests. Some hotels will do this for an additional charge. This way, you can go on Amazon (or other retail sites) and have all the bulky essentials shipped to your hotel.

This can save you from having to pack larger essentials like diapers, formula, groceries, etc. It also saves you a trip once you arrive at the hotel. After all, who wants to start their family trip off with a run around to different shops in a town they are unfamiliar with.